5 Delicious Dishes Must Try In Hanoi In The Autumn

Hanoi autumn is not only considered the most beautiful season of the year. But also famous for delicious snacks, attractive, symbolizing the exquisite cuisine of Hanoi people.


The nine-season beginning from the end of August to the beginning of October. Unlike the goddess, shaggy and blue of the early season, the August in the outer shell of gold, very eye-catching. When you bite a piece you will feel crispy crust, harmonious sour, sweet and very fragrant. For a long time, it has become a typical gift of the people of the North especially in Hanoi.

On these streets, it is not difficult to see the street vendors. with the ripe sirloin dishes, eye catching. The seeds are processed very simply. The Dracontomelon ripe yellow seeds, then the seeds will be mixed with sugar, pepper salt to taste. When eating, the sweet, sour taste of the harmony with the spicy, sweet of the sugar makes the taste delicious, difficult to mix. Just eat a piece, numb the tongue and make you remember forever.

Dracontomelon bean is considered as symbolic food for Hanoi in autumn. Nothing is more wonderful when wandering in Hanoi sightseeing and enjoy the “tongue tuck” of the typical stuff this North.


Com in Vong village

Speaking of fall Hanoi, can not mention noodle. Delicous food, symbolizing the cuisine of Ha Thanh from how many years. Among them, the most famous are the Nui Voi village. To prepare the seeds of green grains, pineapple, plasticizers, people have to choose the type of glutinous rice, when the rice is colostrum. Next, the rice will be finely homogenized, then roasted, ready to sift … and then bring sun. The pot is wrapped in blue lotus leaf, forced sticky rice stew to get up the grainy of grains.

In the past, people often eat with green squash with egg white or red roses to add flavor. Nowadays, com has appeared in many kinds of Vietnamese dishes such as: sticky rice, tea, cake, grilled com … In Hanoi, you can buy cereal Round all over the corner, small but delicious Especially the nuggets in Hang Duong, Hang Than, Hang Can, Hang Bac …

Sour Meatball

Nem chua ran
In the afternoons of Hanoi, there is nothing more interesting and interesting than visiting the street fad and enjoying the delicious, crispy crust of crispy nem fried. This is a popular and popular street food in Hanoi when traveling.

Nem chua is made from meat, pork chops, auditory (roasted and ground rice), thanks to the fermentation is closed from 2-3 days, so when eaten sweet, fat and very upset. This dish can be roasted on a flowerbed or fried in oil. The nem chua cooked to medium, golden, crisp and fragrant gently flowing. When eating, dip with chili sauce, make sour taste, delicious and difficult.

If visiting Hanoi, you can enjoy nem sour fried in Tram Thuong – Hang Bong, Ta Hien, Opera House …

Floating Rice Cake

Floating Rice Cake

There is nothing more appropriate than enjoy the hot drift boat. This dish is sold in Hang Giay, Hang Can, Hang Dieu, To Hoang De, Bach Mai Quarter … Not only sold in small streets, drifting wheels are also sold on the street row.

Dishes are made quite simple, with glutinous rice flour inside the peanuts, ground beans puree. Especially, the dish is cooked with sugar, ginger fiber. When eaten to eat hot, the smell of roasted sesame, fat of peanuts, sweet bar of sugar and pungent ginger blends in the sticky sticky paste that makes the taste extremely delicious.

Hanoi Vermicelli

Bun Hanoi

Vermicelli is a famous culinary specialties of the people of Hanoi by the sophisticated, sophisticated and difficult to taste with any other dishes. In it, the bar of water, mixed with the fat of each of the snails, tofu of the tofu heart cut dear customers when visiting Hanoi.

Enjoy noodles while still hot, eat with some vegetables, shrimp sauce is not very hot but also very well.

If you come to Hanoi, you can visit some famous vermicelli such as: Hoe Nhai Street Noodles, Cold Bun Noodles O Quan Chuong, Nang Luong noodles (located in Khuong Thuong Street, Truong Chinh).

Your holiday Vietnam will be very memorable with Hanoi food tour. That you have chance to enjoy all of them. Wishing you have a wonderful time in Hanoi.

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