11 Jul
Vietnamese coffee
Vietnamese Coffee 101: Everything You Need to Know

Stepped into the heart of Vietnamese coffee culture – a world where bold flavors, unique brewing methods, and charming cafes aw...

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10 Jul
Chuong conical hat village
Discover the Art of Non La at Chuong Conical Hat Village

For generations, skilled artisans here have woven palm leaves and bamboo into a cultural icon - the conical hat, or 'nón lá'.

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05 Jul
War Remnants Museum in Vietnam
War Remnants Museum in Vietnam: A Haunting History

The Vietnam War, a conflict that scarred the nation and left an enduring legacy, remains a significant chapter in world history

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03 Jul
Apple Pay in Vietnam
Can I Use Apple Pay in Vietnam? A Beginner’s Guide to Mobile Payments

Good news for Apple users! As of August 8, 2023, Apple Pay is officially available in Vietnam

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02 Jul
Autumn Festivals in Vietnam
Vibrant Traditions: A Guide to the Autumn Festival in Vietnam

Autumn festivals in Vietnam hold a special place in the hearts of its people, weaving together centuries of tradition, cultural...

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14 Jun
Vietnam Asia’s third fastest-growing destination for European tourists

Vietnam has become the third fastest growing destination for European visitors in Asia, following Malaysia and Japan, according...

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24 May
6-meter banh mi holds national record for highest number of fillings and toppings

The 150 unique ingredients, including pha lau and salmo with lemon sauce, were showcased on a giant bread model. This variety r...

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06 May
Vietnam among Koreans’ most favorite destinations this summer

Vietnam is witnessing an increasing number of hotel bookings from Korean travelers for this year's peak summer tourist season, ...

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24 Nov
10 best Hostel in Hanoi Vietnam the cheapest

Hanoi is one of the tourist destinations gathering many beautiful and high-quality hostel in Vietnam. In addition to well-equip...

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02 Nov
Foreigners drink beer at Ta Hien backpacker area in Hanoi's Old Quarter, 2022
Developing night-time tourism, delivering on unforgettable experiences: experts

The tourism ministry recently announced a project to develop night-time tourism to improve competitiveness, and provide memorab...

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