What is there on Hanoi street named among world’s ‘coolest’?

One of the “coolest streets in the world” according to British travel magazine Time Out, Quang An Street in Hanoi has a mix of peace and vibrancy.

The kilometer-long street is situated around five kilometers north of Hanoi’s Old Quarter.

In March the British travel magazine ranked it 25th in a list of famous streets such as Hollywood Road in Hong Kong and Fifth Avenue in New York.

It described Quang An as “The most stunning street along West Lake in the heart of Hanoi, boasting many cafes, restaurants, fashion stores, near the unique and vibrant night flower market. But still peaceful for daily strolls.”

What makes this street so interesting?

Public destinations

Quang An is a place where Hanoians exercise and unwind every day, cycling and jogging in the morning and evening. There are pavements and lake entrances to sit, relax and chat between workouts.

There are exercise equipment, benches and playgrounds for kids in Quang An park at one end of the street.

Better World sells handmade souvenirs from around the world and donates a portion of the profits to local charities.

The once-famous Sao Mai pool is now a hotel and restaurant.


Thanks to every house overlooking the lake, you can catch stunning views wherever you sit on Quang An. There are European and Asian restaurants, bars and vegetarian food aplenty.

Long Lee, the manager of Cork and Bottle, says the best thing is that this street is never crowded and bustling like many other places in Hanoi.

He said the best time to sit there and watch West Lake is from 3:30 p.m to 5:30 p.m with a glass of wine.

Some 70% of the people visiting the street are foreigners, he added.

Coffee and tea shops

Một góc phố Quảng An nhìn từ Eastern & Oriental Tea House and Coffee Parlour. Ảnh: Thu Trang

Quang An Street viewed from Eastern & Oriental Tea House and Coffee Parlour. Photo by Thu Trang

A row of 10 coffee shops on the street are always crowded in the evenings, weekends and holidays.

Their affordable prices suit everyone’s pockets.

Ms. Ha of Dong Da District usually has a coffee at one of the cafes after cycling around West Lake. Eastern & Oriental Tea House is her choice if she wants some cakes and tea.

Homestays and hotels

Khu phức hợp khách sạn, nhà hàng, bể bơi Elegant 88. Ảnh: Booking

The Elegant 88 hotel and restaurant complex. Photo by Booking

As Time Out described, Quang An is becoming a “new international center” where many foreigners move to live. So there are a lot of homestays, hotels and houses for rent such as Hanoi Sunflower Westlake, Jin’s Chill Spot 2, Villa Ho Tay, and Elegant Mansion 88.

Apartments cost VND15-30 million (US$600.83-1,201) a month.

Surrounding areas

The surrounding areas also contribute to Quang An’s vibes, including Quang Ba night market, Phu Tay Ho and eateries around Xuan Dieu and Dang Thai Mai streets.

Some streets in the area are undergoing repairs, and tourists and people from other areas visiting Quang An should keep an eye out for signs to avoid prohibited roads and traffic congestion.

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