Top 10 Things To Do In Hanoi

hoan kiem lake

Hanoi – a destination that is not too strange for tourists from all over the world. This land always possesses the attractive beauty of historic cultural sites and romantic destinations. Hanoi is wide and has many places to go but if you only come here once, you will not be able to explore them all. Today, I will recommend the top 10 most beautiful and attractive tourist destinations in Hanoi. You will be in awe when you visit.

1. Ha Noi Old Quarter Is Our First Choice For Top 10 Things To Do In Hanoi List

Top 10 Things to Do in Hanoi

Although Hanoi has many busy spots, for the people here, the most beautiful is “Hanoi 36 streets”. So only here you can feel the difference between the daily life of people and other places. Each street represents one commodity (Hang Ma, Hang Duong, Hang Thiec, Hang Trong, Hang Bong,…). This is also the paradise of countless delicious dishes, which are popular Pho, bun cha, hot rolls.

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2. The Second Choice Is Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake is located in the middle of the city, like the heart of the capital. This is the first destination that you must visit if you do not want to miss the opportunity to be immersed in the beautiful scenery of the intersection of ancient and modern. Surrounded by the streets of Dinh Tien Hoang, Le Thai To, Hang Khay and shady trees, ancient architectural works of hundred years old.

Coming to this Hanoi tourist destination you can also visit The Huc bridge, Ngoc Son temple in the middle of the lake. Especially on the weekends, the surrounding roads will become a walking city, where many interesting activities attract a large number of people and visitors to experience.

3. Don’t Skip To Visit Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum – Ba Dinh Square

Uncle Ho's mausoleum

Tour to Hanoi and visit Uncle Ho’s Mausoleum is what everyone desires. Uncle Ho’s mausoleum at Ba Dinh Square is one of the most significant tourist destinations. Here preserves the body of the great old father of the nation. Whether it is 2020 or many years later, this place will never cease to be attractive.

Do not miss the opportunity every morning to watch the flag ceremony and go inside the mausoleum to see Uncle Ho with your own eyes. On the campus of the Chairman Mausoleum, there are also wooden stilt houses, gardens, fish ponds, One Pillar Pagoda, Ho Chi Minh Museum.

4. Ha Noi Opera House

Ha Noi Opera House

This next Hanoi tourist destination that you should not ignore in 2020 is still a familiar name – Opera House. The Hanoi Opera House is a cultural and artistic statue of the city where special performances take place. Here you will enjoy a variety of arts from Tuong, chèo, Cai Luong, … If you want to visit inside you have to buy a package ticket of 400,000 VND. This is probably quite inconvenient for anyone who just needs to visit, but if have much time I think you should try the experience.

5. The Temple Of Literature

Temple of Literature

It is considered to be the first university in Vietnam, a place to worship Confucius, scholars and sages of the country. Up to now, it has become a historical and symbolic tourist area of Hanoi Capital. Tourists often come here on Tet holiday, the full moon of Nguyen Tieu, the students come to burn incense to pass the exam.

6. Ta Hien Beer Street

Ta Hien Beer Street
The first evening tourist destination in Hanoi must be mentioned is Ta Hien beer street. Ta Hien street is located in the old town, intersecting Ha Hien – Luong Ngoc Quyen. This place is always crowded every evening, young people, tourists gather to eat, drink, breeze, sing. Beer Street sells a wide variety of beers of which the most famous grass beer. You also find many delicious and attractive dishes such as: boiled snail, mixed noodle, grilled quail, pancake …

7. Dong Xuan Market – The Biggest Wholesale Market In Hanoi

Dong Xuan Market

And it would be flawed if you do not visit Dong Xuan market – the old market in the old town but crowdedly selling many items, from household appliances, clothes, fabrics to famous Ha Thanh cuisine and specialities. Walking around a night market to witness the daily activities of the people, enjoying some delicious dishes or cool milk is great. In particular, you can still buy many things at affordable prices.

8. Sky Walk Observatory

Sky Walk Observatory

It is on the 72nd highest floor of the Lotte Center building. This tourist destination has not stopped attracting tourists. From the Sky Walk position, you can see the panorama of Hanoi city insight. You will “startled” when imagine you are floating at an altitude of 272 m, surrounded by a wall, transparent glass floor.

There is also a garden hanging beautiful cards – where you can take pictures and enjoy some cool ice cream. This is indeed recognized as the most popular place with beautiful views of Hanoi.

9. Hoa Lo Prison

Hoa Lo Prison

One more famous historical relic that cannot be ignored is Hoa Lo prison. In the past, this was the exile of thousands of Vietnamese patriotic and revolutionary soldiers, both physically and mentally. Visiting the prison, you will see with your own eyes many valuable documents and artefacts reflecting the political prison life of our country under the French domination. To be more grateful for their merits.

10. Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge

Long Bien Bridge – a work that contributes to the mark of ancient Ha Thanh. Many years have passed, the bridge is still intact, not remodelled or painted, despite the fading, rusting sun and rain. It used to be the longest and most beautiful bridge in Indochina and is now considered a beautiful tourist destination in Hanoi with bold ancient features.

Come here you can see adults are brooding in the morning fishing, in the afternoon young people, couples gather to sing, take pictures,…

Above are the top 10 most beautiful tourist destinations in Hanoi that Littel Charm Hanoi Hostel has suggested. If you do not know where Hanoi goes to play, what to experience. Please note this article immediately to explore. Have a happy, memorable trip.

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